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Sahara has a steel frame and cushions in seat and back. The most characteristic expression lies in the shape and the construction of the arms. The combination between metal and wood creates an exquisite meeting. ”It is like a jewel” says designer Gunilla Allard, comparing the way in which the beauty of the wood adorns its metal mount. The gentle S-curve, lower in back and raised in front, is an organic welcome to the eye and to the touch, extending in such a way as to offer a sure grip.
The arms constitute the key to the construction and are used both for the easy chair and the sofas. The steel tubing is mounted on the arms. The arms are available in walnut and black stained ash. Sahara is presented as an easy chair, a 2-seat-sofa and a 3-seat-sofa. Bold vertical saddle-stitching, every 30 cm, creates a strong visual expression in the upholstery. Light and airy, Sahara recalls Scandinavian design with Gunilla Allards distinct touch of the twenty-first century design expression.
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