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Millibar Chair/Lounge
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With the product Millibar chair/lounge, Anya Sebton extends her Millibar family, today consisting of a barstool and a bar table in several versions. This new product is the perfect complement to the environments where we have already met Millibar: receptions, restaurants, cafés, lounges as well as the private home. Millibar chair/lounge stands for construction and design. I the original version of the Millibar barstool a net offers individual support. The challenge in this new product has been to achieve the perfect shape and a maximum of comfort. When Millibar now extends the family to include chairs/lounge chairs, it also extends the material to include felt and upholstery in a fixed-form moulded shell suspended from the innovative perimeter steel tubing. The felt is sound-absorbing, suitable for e.g. cafés etc. An important visual element of the chair is the pattern of grid lines pressed into the face material of the upholstery. The pattern reminds us of the original mesh, and imposes a satisfying order on the free form of the sling shell. Millibar chair/lounge is light and aesthetic and shows an interesting meeting between construction and shape. Important are also the details, always seen in Lammhults products.
Millibar chair/lounge comes with two different frames, a stackable sled base and a swivelbase. The lounge chair also comes with an armrest.
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