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Ingmar Relling

Ingmar Relling


Trained as interior architect and furniture designer at Statens Håndverks- og Kunsthøgskole, SKHS(the national school of arts and crafts), taught by, among others, Arne E. Holm and Arne Korsmo 1943-47.

Relling worked for seven years from the age of 16 at Vestlandske Møbelfabrikk in his home district until he started at SKHS, inspired by his brother Adolf. After he passed his diploma he was employed at the drawing office of Rastad & Relling a/s in Oslo before opening his own practice at Møre in 1950. For the first few years, Relling worked as an interior architect, fitting out, among others, schools, hotels and churches. His major works include the restoration of Skodje Church in collaboration with the Keeper of the National Antiquities, and internal work at Ålesund Library and the Hotel Noreg in the same town. Since 1960, Relling dedicated himself entirely to furniture design, developing his skills through collaboration with the industry to become Norway’s most internationally famous and recognized furniture designer, as well as one of the greatest contributors to the concept Scandinavian Design.

Relling attained an international reputation with his SIESTA chair. The series represented new thinking in terms of both construction and form. Most distinctive is the simple, high-backed first edition in light beech, upholstered in sailcloth or leather. Since that time, Relling worked consistently with chairs made from laminated beech, above all, easy chairs. In some of his works he employed the equivalent qualities of steel. From Relling’s range of chairs, special mention should be made of: Rest, Flex, Lido, Tema, Cox and Manta. All are original in terms of construction and have a compact form of expression of sculptural quality. The light, resilient and elegant chairs unite technical, functional and aesthetic qualities of an exceptional standard.

2nd Prize at the Furniture Competition, Bergen 1952.
2nd and 3rd prizes in the furniture industry competition 1962.
1st Prize at the United Wool Product Manufacturers’ stuffed furniture competition 1963.
1st Prize at the furniture industry competition 1964.
1st Prize at the furniture industry competition 1965.
Prize at the NIL Anniversary Competition 1970.
3rd Prize at the furniture industry competition 1973.
The Norwegian Design Award 1966
Silver Medal at Wiener Internationale Möbelsalon, Vienna, 1966.
Good Design Label, 1968.
Showpiece of the Year, Earls Court, London 1973.
Jacob Award ’1978.
Sunnmøre Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award 1990.
The Classic furniture award 1992.
HRH. The King of Norway’s Royal gold medal 1999
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