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Alberto Del Biondi Industria Del Design

Alberto Del Biondi Industria Del Design

The first European company that does business industrializing creativity

Design is not merely a formal project.
It has become the soul of each object.
At a time in which the buying lever is often emotional, design is the means for communicating worlds, cultures, and symbols to persuade the consumer to buy that product and its emotional value.
But what marks the difference between a fleeting phenomenon and true market success is a series of strategies complementary to design that are for striking the imagination of consumers: brand valorization, the right distribution channel and the choice of the right target.
In Padua, there is the first European industry at the service of companies that is able to do all this, to create an idea and industrialize it in the best possible way. The company, named INDUSTRIA DEL DESIGN, was founded twenty years ago by Alberto Del Biondi, specializing in footwear design, engineering and prototyping.
In the knowledge of the processes at the basis of the creation of a winning product, and guided by his initiative, Alberto Del Biondi extends and applies the models and vision of the world of footwear to industrial design projects, where man is always at the centre of ideas: human design at the service of creation, combining beauty, simplicity and practicality. From prestigious footwear and accessory collections such as Pirelli PZero, Riva, Lotto, Stonefly, Henderson, to everyday objects; from designing the new 9000 sm plant in East Padua to furnishings developed in collaboration with MDF Italia, from the sailing industry to fitness equipment designed for FASSI.
ALBERTO DEL BIONDI INDUSTRIA DEL DESIGN is now a fully vertical design centre, which implements what is known as process innovation, or rather the revision of all the operations involved in product development, with the aim to boost efficiency.
The structure offers market research, brand analysis and a managerial team able to work together with the client in order to achieve true excellence in terms of aesthetics, production and distribution.
Furthermore it is also an example of the potential of Italian products, especially as an expression of utmost creativity.
Creativity is the true added value of Italy says Del Biondi.It must be turned into a system.
On an increasingly crowded market with cutthroat competition, you need valid products and people who not only know how to design them, but also market and sell them successfully.

8 creative teams
85 people, including marketing analysts, designers, technicians, and marketing experts
40 million pairs of shoes sold each year by its clients
9000 square meters for the headquarter
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